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4th of July Boat Parade!

What an awesome boat parade! Congrats to our two winners:

Most Original  - Shark Boat 
 Most Patriotic (which was a really tough call this year) to Young Mr. Beaudrie and his Waterskiing at the start of the Parade. 

 A shout out to our judges - two independent folks from Lake LeAnn - they were really impressed by the quality of participation and the imagination! 

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Fishing Tournament!

Congratulations to our Fishing Tournament Winners:

0-13 - Oakley Braskich - 18" Bass
13-20 - Lane Rodgers - 16" Bass 
20+ - Dean Osenbaugh - 16.25 Bass

It may have been rainy...but the fishermen had a blast!

Well done!!


The Board is pleased to announce that Linda Snoes has been appointed to the Board of Directors and has accepted the Treasurer's position. We have a great board this year!

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Joyce and her husband Dean have two children, Luke and Hunter. Joyce’s hobbies and interests are kayaking, writing, photography, youth sports and gourmet cooking. She has 20 plus years of corporate experience in both private and Fortune 100 companies. She is skilled in contracts and finance, as well as purchasing, technology, administration, and strategic planning. She seeks to serve on the Board because it is an opportunity to share her enthusiasm and commitment to Lake Bel-Air and its community. She seeks to serve as a small thank you to the lake, her neighbors and new found friends.
LINDA SNOES (Treasurer)

Linda and her husband Larry (a former Lake Association President) have owned lake property since 1986. Their home was built in 1990 and they have lived there ever since. She has worked at Hillsdale College since 1989 starting in the Treasurer’s Office and now at the Health & Wellness Center. She loves clogging and teaches weekly classes. She also plays in the handbell choir at St. Paul’s. Linda and Larry have three sons, a granddaughter/daughter and four grandsons.

Elizabeth and her husband Karl-Rainer have owned property on the lake since 1993. She has always held a keen interest in lake affairs since Karl-Rainer served on the Board in the late 1990s. She works on contract from time-to-time as a cross-cultural consultant delivering coaching to executives and their families who are relocating overseas, or coming to the USA, to do business. She is actively involved in the Bridges Out of Poverty initiative here in Hillsdale County. She loves to read and to cook.

Bio coming soon!

Bio coming soon!


Welcome to our lake. We are a community of 119 homeowners. Some of us live here permanently. Many of us live in Ohio and other parts of Michigan and come to the lake from time-to-time for recreation. If you are new to the lake, please contact our Welcome Committee Chair, Kathy Knight via the Contact Form on this website.


Lake Bel-Air is a private lake with boat access limited to property owners and their immediate family. You will also find the By-Laws and a copy of the Perpetual Covenant posted on this website. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these documents. Also posted are board meeting agendas and minutes, general announcements, information about weed control and treatment dates, news about fish species and stocking as well as other wild life information. The What's On and the Clubs and Organizations Sections will give you direct links to websites that are automatically updated so you will always stay current on things to do locally. Please make this website your website of first choice for the area.


This is YOUR website! Please send us photos of your lake activities as well as articles that you think will be of interest to other residents. We will post them on this website. You will see many gaps in the information displayed on the site. This is because the site is in development. We would appreciate any information that you can send us to fill these gaps!  Please use the Contact Page to reach us.


We encourage you to take an active part in the affairs of the lake by attending Board Meetings and by giving us your suggestions and opinions. In order to extend our outreach to you, please send us your e-mail address, either directly via the above Lake Bel-Air e-mail address, or via the contact form on this site.

Lake Bel-Air is a Private Lake

Lake Bel-Air is a private lake. Trespassing is prohibited and will be prosecuted fully. 



If you hear of newcomers to the lake, or if you are newcomers, please contact us via the “Contact Us” form  below, and the ladies will bring you a basket of goodies and of information about the lake.

For more information ...

If you hear of newcomers to the lake, or if you are newcomers, please contact us via the “Contact Us” form below, and the ladies will bring you a basket of goodies and of information about the lake.


If you have an item to add to the newsletter, please use the contact form on this website.


Any volunteers to organize some social events?  Please contact us via the Contact Form on this website.



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